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Funding opportunities

The University has specialist knowledge that could help your organisation develop forward-thinking solutions or ideas to create new products, services or processes and we have funding available that you can access to collaborate with the University.

Our expertise is world-leading and we have cutting-edge facilities making us perfectly positioned to provide innovative and creative solutions to you. We take time to understand your needs then match each project with the most relevant resources within the University.

Most funding schemes are highly competitive, and there is no guarantee of success; however drawing on our many years' experience interpreting rules and requirements, we are ideally placed to work with you to produce a high quality funding application.

The University has a long track record of successful funding applications and can provide practical experience of a number of schemes listed below.

For more information about potential project funding opportunities at the University of Kent, please get in touch with our dedicated team.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A KTP enables businesses to improve their competitiveness by bringing in new skills and the latest academic thinking to deliver a specific strategic project.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK drives productivity and growth by supporting businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and make them a commercial success.

Research Councils

While the bulk of Research Council funding is directed at University research, there is increasing emphasis on funding knowledge transfer and exchange activity.

This can take many forms, from disseminating University research results to a wider audience to commercialising innovative ideas and even placing a PhD student with a company.

Industrial Strategy

As part of the government's vision for a modern British industrial strategy, the University is able to access funding to promote collaborations and partnerships with the University.

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