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The business development team understands that different businesses need different things. We match a wide range of expert consultancy services with commercial and public sector needs, for long and short-term projects.

There are many benefits to working with the University, whether in a local, national or multinational landscape. Our subject experts are leaders in their field, giving access to the latest unbiased research and knowledge for solutions that are creative, innovative and practical

Our consultancy services range from setting up specialist equipment for a day to developing a completely new approach to practice: from materials analysis and product development to testing, feasibility and review studies. We have a number of specialist centres, and the ability to provide tailor made solutions.

Your business may also be eligible to tap into available funding streams. Innovation vouchers, for example, can provide a 50% contribution towards the cost of a new project with the University of Kent. Learn more about available funding opportunities, and get in touch with the team to discuss a consultancy project.

Please find information about some of our Centres that provide specialist consultancy services in the following dedicated areas:

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Advanced Battery Research

Battery technology is a fundamental component of many industrial sectors. However, despite the worldwide investment in battery research and development, the technologies that are available still fall short of users requirements. There is therefore great commercial benefit to be gained from improving the capabilities of battery technology in absolute terms and from reducing the necessity to trade off one set of characteristics against another.

The Advanced Battery Research Group at the University of Kent has a wide interest in functional materials for energy storage, including the synthesis and characterisation of new electrode materials and has a strong research track record in anode material for high power density and micro batteries. In addition, we have extensive collaborations with other national and international groups that provide further access to equipment for characterisation, building/design of batteries and safety testing.

Our experts can help you:

  • Develop products with technical and commercial advantage
  • Improve life span and charge/ discharge capacity of materials and batteries
  • Optimise battery design to meet your performance requirements
  • Develop and exploit new technologies, giving your products a technological and commercial advantage
  • Take technologies from bench to product with lower risk and better performance
  • Identify and develop appropriate product improvements

To find out more about the Group’s research at the University of Kent, please contact Dr Maria Alfredsson, School of Physical Sciences at:

To find out how the Group’s research can benefit your organisation, please contact Kent Innovation & Enterprise at:


Electronic Systems Design Centre

Using leading edge electronics design will help reduce costs and drive up quality of both end -products and manufacturing processes. The Electronics System Design Centre at the University was set up in 1994 to provide a one stop shop for businesses in a wide range of techniques, including Surface Mount Technology, Embedded Systems, and Field Bus Technologies. Since then, they have provided consultancy, support and training to over 100 companies in the region. Not only can the Centre design electronics solutions for your business, they can also build prototypes in their state of the art facilities.


Centre for Employment, Competitiveness and Growth

Given the importance of productivity growth, Human Resource Management, skills, and workforce development to an organisations performance; put against the problem of the UK’s relatively low productivity levels, low skill levels, low wage history, and the lack of synergy between such problems and their necessary solutions The Centre for ECG aims to provide top quality local, national, and international research facilitating relationships and transferring knowledge between academic, business, practitioners, and social partner groups on a regional, national and international stage promoting ‘best practice’ in its widest sense in regards to sustainable productivity and efficiency improvement.


Centre for Logistics & Heuristic Optimisation

Locating the right number of facilities (plants, depots, fire stations etc) at the right place can save companies and the government time and money while adding competitive advantage. Using the right fleet and the right routes can improve profit margin and customer service which leads to greater market share. At the Centre for Logistics & Heuristic Optimisation they address these issues using flexible and practical optimisation approaches.


Kent IT Consultancy (KITC)

Kent IT ConsultancyDo you sometimes feel that you can't keep up with the latest innovations in IT and telecommunications? Are you making the best use of your existing computing equipment?

The Kent IT Consultancy ( can help in a unique way. All KITC consultants are students from the School of Computing, whose work is mentored and supervised by experienced IT professionals. Many of these students will be working for major consultancy companies in just a couple of year's time, but you can benefit from their expert advice without the 'expert' price tag today. They can help you to understand the latest trends in IT, and to support you to put them into practice including:

  • Business reviews & IT strategy
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Online marketing, web presence and content management systems (CMS)
  • Project mangement
  • Knowledge management

We are understandably proud of the KITC. As well as delighting their customers, many of their consultants have industrial and consulting experience gained through placements with the leading names in IT, including Sun Microsystems, IBM and Microsoft, and will go on to graduate into roles in the IT consultancy industry.


If the expertise you’re looking for isn't listed above, get in touch with the business development team for more help.


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