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Feb 27
15:30 - 16:30
Careers in the Government Legal Profession
Enhancement Week

Making law, Making headlines, Making a differenceThe work of government lawyers is interesting, varied, challenging and often headline news.Whether the government is creating new laws, buying goods and services, investigating mergers which could restrict competition, setting the annual budget and collecting the right amount of tax, employing people, fighting organised crime or defending its decisions in court, it needs significant levels of legal advice on a whole range of complex issues.Providing legal advice to the government is an important element of the work. Government lawyers work alongside ministers and officials as they seek to turn government objectives into policy and law and enforce regulation. Their work is determined by the business in which their departmental clients are engaged.

This talk will provide you with an opportunity to hear from legal trainees who are undertaking their training within government.

It will provide an insight into:

- the structure of training (training contracts and pupillages) and the type of work undertaken by trainees within the Government Legal Department and HM Revenue & Customs Solicitor's Office

- the Legal Trainee Scheme recruitment arrangements

-  a Q&A session. 

In July 2019, the Government Legal Profession will be looking to recruit circa 60+ legal trainees (i.e. trainee solicitors and pupil barristers) to join the Government Legal Department, the Government Legal Department - Commercial Law Group,  HM Revenue and Customs,  the Competition and Markets Authority, and National Crime Agency.This event will provide a useful opportunity to hear from legal trainees based in the Government Legal Department and HM Revenue & Customs Solicitor's Office. Interested in finding out more about legal work that really makes a difference? Please come along and meet us. www.gov.uk/glp

Register here: https://careers.kent.ac.uk/lea...


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