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Nov 9
20:00 - 21:20
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) with Live Score
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The Cabinet of Living Cinema have created a chilling live musical performance of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari.The history of cinema harks back to few films that are as important and iconic as The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – the influence of this expressionist masterpiece can be seen from Murnau's Nosferatu through to The Third Man and even Batman Returns. The cinematic experience is a rare treat as the hand-painted backdrops and subtle face makeup can be seen up-close and appreciated in the way it was intended.This classic is scored for the first time by inspired live score musicians – the Cabinet of Living Cinema who recently produced the masterful live score for Nosferatu. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is brought to life through the live score and the interactive playful nature as film inspires timbre, harmony and texture.The Cabinet of Living Cinema create live cinema events in unusual and inspiring locations. They have scored films by Svankmajer, Jodorowsky, Fritz Lang, Eisenstein and Paradjanov using loop pedals, "found object foley" and orchestral instruments.

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Gulbenkian Theatre
United Kingdom
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