In Kent’s energetic and enterprising School of English you are taught by leading international researchers and award-winning creative writers. Our teaching is marked by innovation and enthusiasm, the perfect place to pursue your passion for literature and fulfil your academic potential.

The School of English is a close-knit community; the broad range of expertise in the School allows us to cover the canon from Chaucer to contemporary literature, as well as to explore the diversity of literatures in English, such as Indian, African or Caribbean. 

Unfortunately we are not able to welcome you to the School of English in person as we would have liked. However, the good news is that this page provides information for applicants who would like to find out more about life at Kent, and what it's like to be part of the School of History.  

We have compiled a list of resources for applicants which may be of use and we would also love to invite you to one of our upcoming applicant days.

Why choose English at Kent?

From the classics to poetry slams and from Chaucer to the contemporary, in the School of English we look at how the world is perceived, described, analysed and changed through language. Studying in our School is not just about analysing what has been written, it is also about imagining what and how we will write in the future.

We ensure you gain valuable skills useful in any project you choose to apply your talents to. If you want to explore the beauty of the English language and look into what makes us human, what we share and what makes us different, we would love you to join us.

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Staff and students in the School of English introduce life at Kent. Find out more about our academic community, our research and teaching, employability opportunities, and the year abroad, and short overviews of some of the modules we offer.

What our students say...

BA (Hons) English and American Literature student, Domonique Davies, talks about studying in the School of English and how the exciting and interactive seminars have changed her views.

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My experience at Kent was everything I could have wished for. The professors in my School were incredible people. I will always cherish how they broke me out of my comfort zone into creative and analytical thought.

Lianna Brinded, Head of Yahoo! Finance UK School of English graduate Find out more

Studying English at Kent

Hear from our academic staff about what it is like to study English at the University of Kent, including Head of School, Dr Sarah James.

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Gold-rated teaching

The Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Panel judged that we deliver consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for our students. You learn within a challenging academic environment and are encouraged to study widely and formulate your own opinions while being guided and taught by our world-class academics.   

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"Understanding what individuals did on a daily basis and how they did it makes it possible to appreciate how their social religious and political identities came into being just a little at a time."

Professor Catherine Richardson on everyday life in Shakespeare's England.

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