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Dorothy Lehane is the author of three poetry publications: Umwelt (Leafe Press, 2016), Ephemeris (Nine Arches Press, 2014) and Places of Articulation (dancing girl press 2014). She is currently engaging in a study exploring questions surrounding the social, ethical and perceptual implications of communicating the aberrant body in poetic practice. Her forthcoming publication Bettbehandlung [Bedrest] engages with the cultural, social, and historical treatment and abuses of the mentally ill, and will be available soon with Muscaliet Press.

Dorothy is the founding editor of Litmus Publishing, a press exploring the intersection between science and literature and edited the following publications; Sequences and Pathogens, Litmus: the forensic issue, Litmus: the neurological issue, and Litmus: the diagnostics issue. She is interested in the challenges and outcomes arising from interdisciplinary engagement, the processes occurring at this point of intersection; the interpretation, conceptualization and re-contextualization of information, how language from another discipline embedded in a poetic structure carries a specific frisson, garners new resonance, and becomes an ingredient of communication. She is interested in the violation of predicted routes of interdisciplinary engagement, and how poets can act as marginal authorities redefining predicted roles of engagement.

Dorothy has read her work to audiences at Université Sorbonne, Paris, Science Museum, the Wellcome Trust, the Barbican, the Roundhouse, BBC Radio Kent and contributed on innovative improvised collaborations, notably with synthesizer musician, Matthew Bourne, and musician Sam Bailey. Recent poetry and reviews appear in Cordite Poetry Review, Tears in the Fence, and The Journal of Research Poetics.

Dorothy has taught Creative Writing in primary, secondary, further and higher education institutions, including Canterbury Christ Church University, the Barbican Arts Centre, and London South Bank University.

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