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(BA, Oberlin College, USA; MA, UEA)

Patricia has published four books of poetry, a novel and numerous poems and short stories in anthologies and journals as well as onlineSome of her poems have been set for solo voice and she has also translated and adapted texts to create libretti for chamber opera and small ensembles. She is a founding member of the publishing collective WordAid, and in 2007/08 she was the first Canterbury Laureate. Since then she has delivered readings and led number of interdisciplinary writing projects, mainly in collaboration with city and local councils, universities, the Canterbury Festival and the Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival. She has taught creative writing for over 25 years across all levels and stages: for Arvon, adult education, in prisons and in schools. At Kent she particularly relishes teaching prose poetry and translation. She lives near Cambridge with her composer partner and their two nearly-grown children.​

Please click here to read a review of Patricia's new collection Baby.

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Research Interests

  • Creative writing
  • Prose poetry
  • Translation
  • Autobiographical writing
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Research supervision

Patricia is interested in supervising research in the following areas of creative writing: the prose poem, the short story, the short novel/novella, and autobiographical writing.

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