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BA, Sussex; PhD, York

Peter Brown is Professor of Medieval English Literature. He has previously taught at the University of Exeter, the University of California (Los Angeles), the University of Connecticut at Storrs and at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He has have lectured extensively in north America, New Zealand and Europe. At present he is Academic Director at the University of Kent’s Paris School of Arts and Culture in Montparnasse.

Among his current projects are a study of the will of a mid fifteenth-century book owner, a reader’s history of English literature, and a revision of his acclaimed Companion to Chaucer.

Essays just completed and published or forthcoming include a study of the text and context of the imperfect version of Thomas Hoccleve’s Male Regle in Canterbury Cathedral Archives, a survey of literary practice in and around Canterbury during the years 1348 to 1420, and an account of Chaucer’s travels for the courts of Edward III and Richard II.

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School of English, Rutherford W4.N6

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Edited book
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Brown, P. and Irwin, M. eds. (2006). Literature and Place 1800-2000. Oxford and Bern: Peter Lang.
Book section
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Brown, P. (2014). Travel for the Court. In: Akbari, S. C. ed. The Oxford Handbook to Chaucer. Oxford University Press.
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Research Interests

Chaucer and other late medieval English writers, especially in relation to different aspects of medieval culture, including the visual arts, science, vernacular manuscripts, historiography, dreams and the representation of space. back to top


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