School of English

Assistant and Associate Lecturers



Staff member Office and office hours

Bahriye Kemal

Friday 10-11am, 1-2pm, 4-5pm

S3.N2 (Rutherford)

Kathy Kirk

Tuesday 2-4pm

W2.N1b (Rutherford)

Alex Kovacs


Tom Lawrence

Not teaching Spring Term

Hannah Lilley

Monday 4-5pm

Friday 10-11am

W2.N1a (Rutherford)

Robert Maidens

Tuesday 12-2pm

Thursday 2-4pm

W2.N1c (Rutherford)

Katja May

Not teaching Spring Term

Tim Mongiat

Friday 1-4pm

S3.N6 (Rutherford)

Stuart Morrison

Tuesday 11am-2pm

S3.N2 (Rutherford)

Kaori Nagai

Tuesday 1-4pm

S3.N3 (Rutherford)

Isabella Norton

Thursday 1-4pm

W2.N1b (Rutherford)

Steve Noyes

Wednesday 2-4pm

S3.N7 (Rutherford)





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