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Creative writing research interests include prose poetry, visual poetry, translation and transformation, and writing the body. Critical interests include women’s experimental poetry, and literatures of loss.

My PhD thesis, ‘Women & Elegy: Towards Destructuring Economies of Loss and Reconfiguring Elegiac Tradition,’ examined the structurally-perceived sequences of reciprocal cause and effect that have historically enabled women’s elegiac work to be understood variously as threatening to social order, sentimental or excessively emotional; and inauthentic or artificial in its expression. Further, it closely examined the broad concept of melancholy, and the way in which its structural hierarchies and gendered binaries inflect and permeate contemporary elegy scholarship. Moreover, it examined the gendered economic relations of elegy—from the origins of consolatory tropes and the social ideals of the pastoral, to the systems of patronage that operated in the seventeenth century—in order to investigate the extent to which elegy may be understood as a poetic genre intertwined with a politics of capital and with neoliberal ideologies.

Articles include a broad survey of Claudia Rankine’s poetic work in the Critical Survey of American Literature, and an article on modes of inarticulacy and resistance in Maggie O’Sullivan’s murmur: tasks of mourning in the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry.

I also co-edit the online experimental poetry zine DATABLEED with Dr Juha Virtanen.

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Pamphlets and Collections

  • Of Parasites & Proximities. London. Contraband Books. 95pp.
  • Meat ∙ Volt ∙ Interruption. Norfolk. Oystercatcher Press. 24pp.
  • Venusberg. London. Veer Books. 50pp.



  • Claudia Rankine, in Kellman, S. (ed.) Critical Survey of American Literature (Amenia, NY: Salem Press, 2016).
  • ’Routinely Herded Grief Can Never Feed the Livingsmothered’—Modes of Inarticulacy as Resistance in Maggie O’Sullivan’s murmur, in Thurston, S. and Farmer, G. (eds.) Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry (2017).
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