Portrait of Dr Sarah Dustagheer

Dr Sarah Dustagheer

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature
Deputy Head of School


Sarah Dustagheer is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature at the University of Kent. She is a member of Shakespeare’s Globe’s Architecture Research Group, Book Review editor for Shakespeare Bulletin and a member of the editorial board for the Revels Play Companion Library (Manchester University Press). Sarah researches playwriting, performance and theatre space in early modern London, as well as contemporary Shakespearean performance. She is the author of Shakespeare’s Two Playhouses: Repertory and Theatre Space at the Globe and Blackfriars, 1599-1613 (Cambridge University Press, 2017), which was shortlisted for Shakespeare’s Globe Book Award 2018. She is the co-author of Shakespeare in London (Bloomsbury, 2014) and co-editor (with Gillian Woods) of Stage Directions and the Shakespearean Stage (Bloomsbury, 2017). Her essays on early modern playwriting and theatre space and contemporary Shakespearean performance have appeared in Shakespeare Jahrbuch, Literature Compass, Cahiers Élisabéthains and Shakespeare Bulletin


  • Early modern theatre history
  • Repertory studies
  • Contemporary Shakespearean performance
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