Portrait of Yelena Moskovich

Yelena Moskovich

Lecturer in Creative Writing
Director of Creative Writing in Paris


Yelena Moskovich is a writer and artist, author of three novels, A Door Behind A Door, Virtuoso, long-listed for the Dylan Thomas Prize, and The Natashas. Born in Ukraine (former USSR), she immigrated to the U.S. with her family as Jewish refugees in 1991, then again on her own to France in 2007. She studied dramatic writing at Emerson College, physical theatre at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and received a Master of Arts, Esthetics, & Philosophy (Performing Arts) from Université Paris 8. She co-founded her own theatre company, La Compagnie Pavlov, in Paris (inactive since 2012). Her plays and performances have been produced in the US, Canada, France, and Sweden. Her writing has also appeared in publications such as Apartamento, Vogue, Frieze, Times Literary Supplement, Paris Review, Dyke_On Magazine, and most recently in Kuba Ryniewicz’s photography book, The Daily Weeding. In 2018, she served as a curator and exhibiting artist for the Los Angeles Queer Biennial.

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