Portrait of Dr Lara Atkin

Dr Lara Atkin

Lecturer in Victorian Literature


BA, MA Oxford; MA, PhD, Queen Mary University of London 

Dr Lara Atkin has research interests in the global nineteenth-century, particularly the literature and literary institutions of the British Empire and the literary collaborations between settler and Indigenous writers. Their most recent monograph Writing the South African San: Colonial Ethnographic Discourses (Palgrave, 2021) offers an innovative new framework for reading British and British settler representations of Indigenous peoples in the nineteenth century using methodologies drawn from new imperial history and critical Indigenous studies. They are also co-editor, with Emily Bell, of The Curran Index, an index revealing the authorship of over 168,000 contributions to nineteenth-century periodicals. They are also a member of the Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies and the Centre for the Study of Empire. They are co-convenor of the London Nineteenth Century Studies Seminar and co-investigator on the Victorian Diversities Research Network.

Research interests

Nineteenth Century British literature, Victorian studies, British Romanticism, Victorian literature, Romantic literature, colonial print culture, race theory, history of science


Lara has undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in nineteenth-century British and colonial literatures, postcolonial literature and theory and imperial and global history.


Lara would welcome enquiries from postgraduates interested in global Victorian and Romanticism; literature and Empire, or in the cultural history of race and representation during the long nineteenth-century.


Member of the Postcolonial Studies Association, the British Association of Victorian Studies and the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.

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