BPP Nicholls

Research student


BPP Nicholls is a research student in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.



  • Lee, Y., Nicholls, B., Lee, D., Chen, Y., Chun, Y., Ang, C. and Yeo, W. (2017). Soft Electronics Enabled Ergonomic Human-Computer Interaction for Swallowing Training. Scientific Reports [Online] 7. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/srep46697.
    We introduce a skin-friendly electronic system that enables human-computer interaction (HCI) for swallowing training in dysphagia rehabilitation. For an ergonomic HCI, we utilize a soft, highly compliant (“skin-like”) electrode, which addresses critical issues of an existing rigid and planar electrode combined with a problematic conductive electrolyte and adhesive pad. The skin-like electrode offers a highly conformal, user-comfortable interaction with the skin for long-term wearable, high-fidelity recording of swallowing electromyograms on the chin. Mechanics modeling and experimental quantification captures the ultra-elastic mechanical characteristics of an open mesh microstructured sensor, conjugated with an elastomeric membrane. Systematic in vivo studies investigate the functionality of the soft electronics for HCI-enabled swallowing training, which includes the application of a biofeedback system to detect swallowing behavior. The collection of results demonstrates clinical feasibility of the ergonomic electronics in HCI-driven rehabilitation for patients with swallowing disorders.
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