Youth Summit

Youth Summit

The Kent Youth Summit is back!

WHEN: 3rd-5th October 

WHERE: University of Kent, Canterbury Campus

WHO IT’S FOR: Students in years 9, 10 and 11

In collaboration with Reconnect, we bring you a unique opportunity for your students to expand their knowledge in a wide range of interesting and varied further education subjects and explore the many possible avenues for future career choices. Join the activities for any of the days and benefit from a dynamic and engaging programme of educational workshops and events.  

A glimpse into our programme:



Our Changing World

Explores and debates the issues affecting our local environment, how this impacts our communities, how we live now and how we might live in the future. You can choose from one of the below subject workshops led by our specialist ambassadors:


The Science of Sport workshop

Examine the interaction between science and sports training methods, techniques and equipment used by the world’s leading athletes and coaches. 


The Grain Store; investigate this contemporary Ukrainian play which examines the '32–33 Great Famine

There will be a practical exploration of the script, a short lecture about the context, a video screening and evaluative discussion to deepen students’ understanding of English, Theatre Studies, and Global Politics subjects.  


Reconnect Future Human

Investigate what future technology has in store for us and how we might interact with it in 30 years time     


Wellbeing workshops

Explore big life-questions such as: What fires me up? How can I be a courageous leader? How can I get my voice heard?


Generation Genome

An enriching opportunity for students to explore key topic: ‘Is Gene Editing Ethical?’. GG is a six-part BFI sponsored series about genomics and genetic health.



A multiple-choice digital theatre performance which explores the climate emergency through the eyes of Megan; a young woman who has to make a difficult choice     

We have so much more to offer your school including:

A free barbecue

The opportunity for your students to meet and interact with other young people in Kent

Support with transport costs

Additional entertainment and activities over the lunch break

Each day will kick off with morning workshops followed by a complimentary barbeque and we will end the day with an interactive headline plenary session that combines learning with fun and creativity.   |   01227 827350   

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