Funding & Grant Writing Support

Funding & Grant Writing Support

Help with Grant Writing

Bouncing ideas of colleagues, comparing practices or taking part in a peer review exercise are all integral to engagement.  However, many can’t happen without the right resource. A number of internal and external funding and support opportunities come up throughout the year that we will advertise on this page. To help you stand the best chance of success we recommend you talk through your plans with Kent’s Public Engagement Team at the start. We can help you to navigate the process, building compelling narratives, collecting robust evidence, identifying potential partners and proofing. You can get in touch with the team by writing to

Many funders allow a percentage (usually 10%) of grants to be included for public engagement.  We can help you to embed engagement into your application. 

Engagement Impact Surgery

We run our Online Public Engagement Impact Surgery drop-in sessions every Wednesday afternoon between 14.00-16.00. Please use this Teams link for the session. 

External Funding Schemes

Visit the National Coordinating Centre For Public Engagement to find a  range of funding opportunities available to support public engagement activities.