1st Endurance Research Conference



Romuald Lepers is a Professor in the National Institute for Health and Medical Research at the Burgundy University in Dijon (France). He earned a Ph.D. degree in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology from the University of Paris XI in 1996. The major focus of his work has been to examine the musculoskeletal changes that occur at peripheral and central levels following prolonged exercise (e.g. running, cycling, triathlon). He also performed extensive research on age-related change and sex difference in endurance performance especially in triathlon performance. He has published about 160 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals in the field of neurophysiology and sports sciences. He is a member of the French Association for Research in Sports and Physical Activity (ACAPS) and Associate Editor for the journal Movement & Sport Sciences - Science & Motricité. In parallel to his academic career, he has been a high level endurance athlete (triathlon) for the past 25 years, competing in numerous competitions (e.g. Hawaii Ironman, Norseman, Embrunman). This experience has given him a unique insight into the physiological demands that endurance sports require.

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