1st Endurance Research Conference



Dr. Guillaume Millet, PhD, is a Professor in the Human Performance Laboratory and the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary (Canada) where he leads a research group on neuromuscular fatigue (www.ucalgary.ca/nmfl). Guillaume graduated from the University of Franche-Comte (France) in 1997 and has held associate-professor and professor positions at the universities of Burgundy and Saint-Etienne (France). He also obtained a four-year full-time research contract in the French National Institute for Medical Research (Hypoxia-Pathophysiology Laboratory in Grenoble) in 2009-2013. He moved to the University of Calgary in September 2013. His general research area investigates the physiological, neurophysiological and biomechanical factors associated with fatigue, both in extreme exercise (ultra-endurance, hypoxia) and patients (neuromuscular diseases, cancer).  Dr Guillaume Millet has published 4 books and more than 125 papers in international journals with peer review. He has supervised over 30 postdoctoral fellows and Graduate students and he served as an external reviewer for more than 40 PhD candidates. Guillaume has been an invited speaker in countries such as Brazil, the United States, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Austria, UK, Australia, Norway, Italy, Denmark and Turkey. Guillaume Millet has practiced various endurance sports in competition (e.g. ultra-trail running, XC skiing or adventure races) for over 30 years. He is also a consultant for Salomon®. back to top

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