1st Endurance Research Conference


Abstract Submission Guidance

Please read the information below carefully and then use the template document to create your abstract. Please submit your abstract by saving the file (see instructions below) and e-mailing it to enduranceresearch@kent.ac.uk, with the e-mail subject heading ERC 2015 Abstract Submission before the deadline of 5:00pm GMT on 12 August 2015.

Please make sure that you use the style provided in the template (replace the example text with your own as relevant). Do not change any fonts, text size or line spacing.

Please make sure that following information is included

  • The abstract should be formatted using Microsoft word (.doc or .docx format)
  • The abstract should not exceed 400 words

Please make sure that the abstract includes all of the following sections and information:

  • An informative title of the project (not more than 25 words)
  • All authors and their institutional affiliation(s) with an e-mail address of the corresponding/presenting author
  • The abstract should include: INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSION.

The abstract should be composed on a single page using the template. Please do not insert figures, pictures, tables etc (use text only). Please use only ASCII text. Please note, if you fail to follow the guidelines the abstract may be rejected.

Save the abstract as a Word document as a .doc or .docx format (only these formats can be accepted)

Please ensure that your abstract is saved in the following format: Surname-INITIALS-short-version-of-title

e.g. for the example abstract in the template, it would be saved as


Please ensure that you complete all sections so that presentations can be placed in the correct theme/session.

Please check your Submission carefully as we will not allow modifications after acceptance.

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