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Enrolment Management Services (EMS) is one of the University’s departments taking part in Green15

Our involvement in the scheme is an ongoing process and staff are regularly encouraged to come up with energy saving ideas and change all their behaviours for the sake of the environment.

As a member of staff at the University, you are expected to carry out your everyday work in a way which makes as little impact on the environment as possible - there's lots of useful information here and on the official Green Notice Board near the kitchen.

Other Green news...

  • EMS achieved the Gold level in the Green Impact Project 2014-15
  • The University’s green credentials have been ranked 10th in the UK iin an international Green Metric league table
  • Find out more about the free shuttle bus between the Canterbury and Medway campuses

About Green15

For 2015/16 we are taking part in a new programme Green15 to promote environmental sustainability across campus with sustainable transport, recycling and waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, biodiversity and sustainable procurement and food. EMS will once again be working to achieve criteria across the five categories.

For more information, visit the Estates website

Green events


Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 (29 February - 13 March)

Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers!

As Martin Luther King famously said, ‘before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world’. Despite our dependence on farmers and workers for the foods, drinks and products that we love, about 795 million people are undernourished globally.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 will be encourage campaigners to inspire Big Fairtrade Breakfasts in their community – and wake others up to the challenges facing farmers and workers.

Find out more

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  • All paper and cardboard, including drinks cartons, can be recycled in the recycling bins around the office
  • Aerosols, drinks cans, metal foil, plastic bottles and all other plastic items can be put in the silver recycling bin in the corner near the kitchen and back stairs
  • Please rinse out any plastic food containers, milk bottles, empty drinks cans and foil before putting them in the silver recycling bin
  • Clean glass bottles or jars can be put in the bin near the kitchen
  • Bound back paper items such as prospectuses and catalogues can be boxed and will be collected by Estates if you ring Estates helpdesk (3209)
  • Batteries can be put in the small silver bin on the windowsill near the kitchen
  • DVDs/CDs and old mobile phones can be taken to the recycling point opposite the exit turnstiles in the Templeman Library
  • Reading books and magazines from home or work can be put in the book exchange near the ground floor entrance to the downstairs offices for you to read and if you wish keep any items from the exchange. They can also be donated to one of the eight British Heart Foundation donation points on campus.
  • Only non-recyclables should be put in the bin under your desk so check the A-Z of recycling on the Green Notice Board or visit the Estates website first to see whether it can be recycled instead

Saving energy

  • Please turn your screen off if away from your desk for 5 minutes or more. If everyone does this, we can save an unbelievable amount of energy!
  • Please turn your computer off at the end of every day and if you are away from your desk for more than an hour
  • Please switch off lights/other electrical items on your desk at the end of every day
  • Your printer will be switched off by a representative in your section at end of each day so if you need it after they go, please ensure it is off when you leave
  • Be responsible for switching off any lights in the kitchen toilets and communal areas when you have finished using them
  • If your desk is next to a radiator, turn this down when the weather gets warmer.

Reducing waste

  • Think about whether you really need to print something or not before you press print. Many people print emails when an electronic record would be sufficient.
  • If you are printing anything which is two pages or more, you are expected to print this double sided to cut down on paper waste. See the Green Notice Board for instructions
  • Photocopy double sided wherever possible (see instructions next to the photocopier)
  • Please bring in your own water glass from home rather than use plastic cups
  • We ask you to use the water jugs and glasses in the kitchen cupboard if you are having a meeting or if you are welcoming visitors rather than use the throw away plastic cups.

Using sustainable and local food at work

  • If you are ordering catering for an event or a meeting, we would prefer you to opt for local, greener alternatives where possible such as free range eggs and vegetarian food which is more energy efficient.
  • Try not to order too much food. Cut fruit and cut cheeses are particularly prone to being wasted and try to avoid suppliers who put sandwiches on beds of salad which are then thrown away. It you do have left over food in edible condition, bring it back to the office for your colleagues!

Get in touch

If you are an EMS staff member and you have a green idea or would like to find out about joining the EMS Green Impact team, then we would love to hear from you. Simply submit your idea/suggestion via our short online form.

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Gold for EMS

EMS achieved the Gold level in the Green Impact Project 2014-15.

The auditors stated they were very impressed with all the commitment and hard work.

Well done everyone!

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