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What we do

Enrolment management is the strategic organisation and administration of an institution’s student recruitment and admissions processes.  It brings together the marketing, recruitment and outreach activities with the development of a range of communications and tools, such as financial support packages, to ensure the enrolment of an institution’s targeted student body.

Enrolment Management Services at Kent supports the University community and external bodies in fulfilment of the University’s mission ‘to provide opportunity in Higher Education to the most able students’.  

Constituent offices:

  • Recruitment and Admissions Office
  • Partnership Development Office
  • Publishing Office
  • Scholarship and Foreign Loans Unit

The constituent offices of EMS work together, and in conjunction with academic schools, the Graduate School and the faculties, to deliver the full range of services to attract, recruit, admit and enrol a talented and diverse undergraduate and postgraduate student body, and in delivery of our Access Agreement.

EMS has played a significant role at the University through its transition from a single-site campus of 6,000 students to a multi-site institution of over 20,000.

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Key objectives:

  • Develop a strategic University-wide vision for enrolment management and articulate and advance this vision in partnership with the University community
  • Maximise recruitment and enrolment opportunities by developing links with schools and colleges within the UK and across Europe
  • Provide support and guidance to faculties and schools in their efforts to attract and retain a high-quality and diverse student body
  • Work with Academic Schools in the delivery of the University’s Access Agreement
  • Co-ordinate the recruitment, marketing and outreach efforts of the University’s central offices and those of the academic schools to ensure the presentation of a coherent and clear institutional strategy, image and brand
  • Develop and administer a range of student financial support schemes and act as liaison for all enquiries and submissions pertaining to studentship funding from the UK Research Councils
  • Produce, and provide advice and guidance for the production of, high-quality, consistent and on-brand material, both online and offline, in support of recruitment and conversion activity
  • Ensure the efficient use of resources, both staff and material, in the University’s student communication, recruitment and admissions functions.

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