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Singularity Labs

Singularity Labs merges Business Intelligence, development and creative visualisation and design skill, to provide their clients with clear and simple data to empower insightful decision making.


Singularitylabs is the rare but wonderful merging of individuals with Business Intelligence, development, and also creative visualisation and design skills. They like data but truly adore simple and actionable Insight delivered in an agile and quick to deploy way. Their strong skill set in the web and data arena allows them to develop all solutions in house, giving total control on direction and an opportunity to work alongside clients to get personalised and effective results.

Rewards 2017-18

Singularity Labs are providing work experience placements for students from the School of Computing and Engineering and Digital Arts, in the following areas:

  • Explore and develop a methodology for creation population or household weighted postal sector centroids.
  • The chance to undertake opensource data collection; identifying, downloading and testing open source geographic datasets at multiple geographic levels.
  • The opportunity to create a business-to-business scoring algorithm, which ranks retail location sales targets based on the proximity and choice of local retail points.
  • Using open source mapping APIs, the student is to create an interactive geographic microsite – utilising Googlemaps, carto or leaflet mapping.

All these opportunities will last between 1-2 weeks and will cost 150 points.








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