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Santander UK plc is one of the UK's leading personal financial services companies.


Santander Universities Global Division was born in 1997 with the aim to support higher education as a means to contribute to the development and prosperity of society. Today, over 1,020 universities in 17 countries are members of the Santander Universities network.

The Santander Universities Enterprise Portal (SUE) has been launched to assist students starting their own business during or after their academic studies. Through the website, students can learn and connect with others, sharing ideas and gaining advice.

Rewards 2017-18

Santander Universities are sponsoring the EP Rewards Evening 2018.

Santander Universities are offering £150 Amazon voucher for the 'Highest Scoring Finance Student'.

Santander Universities are also providing 10 work shadowing placements, giving an insight into retail banking, in addition to a mock assessment centre.

You can find out more about Santander Universities' involvement with the EP Scheme via the 2015-16 Case Study and the 2014-15 Case Study.

Volunteering with Santander Universities

Santander Universities are providing volunteering opportunities to students who completed the work shadowing placements via the EP Scheme.

A number of the 2015/16 and 2014/15 reward winners assisted with opening new bank accounts during Freshers Week, whilst others joined the Santander Universities team in fundraising for the Kent Law Campaign.

This was fantastic addition to the student's CVs and as seen with the photos below, the students had lots of fun!




The Santander Universities work shadowing placement has been a fantastic experience, with the staff being very friendly, allowing me to learn so much about banking and finance. As a result of the placement, I now have a much better understanding if I want a career in banking.

~ Student testimonial, 2014-15

Alex, the University Relationship Branch Manager, was a really good mentor. He explained everything and answered every question I had. He also gave me tasks where I was able to learn a lot and grow from. I would truly recommend this placement to other students

~ Student testimonial, 2013-14


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2016/17: Santander Universities provided 10 students with work shadowing placements, in addition to a mock assessment centre. Santander Universities also sponsored the 2017 EP Rewards Evening and provided £150 Amazon voucher to the 'Highest Scoring EP Student who Engaged with Community Outreach Activity.'

2015/16: Santander Universities provided eight work shadowing placements, in addition to sponsoring the Rewards Ceremony and hosting two mock assessment centres. See the 2015-16 Case Study for more information.

2014/15: Santander Universities provided eight work shadowing placements, in addition to sponsoring the Rewards Ceremony and hosting two mock assessment centres. See the 2014-15 Case Study for more information.

2013/14: Santander UK plc offered eight students the chance to shadowing the branch manager for 10 days, whilst the company also arranged two mock assessment centres.

2012/13: Santander UK plc sponsored the EP Rewards Ceremony.

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EP Team: What is life like in your particular role?
Adam: Working with Santander Universities as a University Relationship Branch Manager is a challenging, yet rewarding role. My role is based on building our networks and relationships within the University of Kent as well as ensuring we can meet the commercial needs of the university staff and students.
EP Team: Please tell us something which is unique about Santander Universities?
Adam: Santander Universities is a separate division of the Santander Group, meaning whilst some of the day-to-day operations are similar to the high street branches, the fact we can help and support the wider university community is a unique offering.
EP Team: What have been your key highlights of sponsoring the EP Scheme?
Adam: The Mock Assessment Centres that we run with Employability Points are very interesting to be part of and it is great to see the value the students get from taking part in one of these events.
EP Team: What key duties and responsibilities will the students have as a part of these placements?
Adam: The student learns the day-to-day operations of the branch and the processes used. The students will also be involved in mystery shopping our competitors and talking to student around campus about banking.
EP team: How will undertaking a work shadowing placement with Santander Universities benefit a student’s career development?
Adam: By giving details on how a typical retail bank functions, any students who are looking to pursue a career in financial services will benefit.


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