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Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is the world’s largest car rental organisation.


Enterprise Rent-a-Car, with an annual turnover of more than $17.8 billion and a rental and leasing fleet of over one million vehicles spread over 8,600 global locations, is the largest car rental company in the world.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is unique in that they empower local managers to make decisions, with branches being able to operate as independent businesses.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car have been recognised for the value of their graduate scheme, being included in The Guardian UK 300 Graduate Recruiters, as well as the Times Top 50 Employers for Women.

Rewards 2017-18

Enterprise Rent-a-Car will be offering an inclusive internship, focused on management, sales and customer service.

There will also be the chance to undertake a 2-day work shadowing placement, focused on recruitment.

Enterprise will also be running a sought after mock assessment centre, for a maximum of thirty students, as well as hosting an interactive workshop considering personal branding.


Wow! Looking back at my placement year at Enterprise it's amazing reflecting on the things that I've done and achieved. The challenges that i faced throughout, from my first day up until my last, allowed me to acquire and develop and whole number of new skills that are only going to benefit me in my last year at university and for the future.

~ Teren Sheldon, 4th year Canterbury student who undertook a 12 month placement with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.












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2016/17: ERAC offered an inclusive internship in sales and management, in addition to a skills session and mock assessment centre. ERAC also provided 100 x £10 Amazon vouchers!

2015/16: Enterprise ran two mock assessment centres, as well as hosting an interactive workshop considering leadership, customer service and general business.

2014/15: Enterprise Rent-a-Car provided a bespoke workshop on Leadership and Management, as well as four mock assessment centres at both Canterbury and Medway.

2013/14: Enterprise Rent-A-Car was offering three 3-month work experiences for students to work in Management (HR, finance, customer service management, etc.) and was sponsoring the Chancellor’s prize (£100) which was awarded to the student who had shown outstanding engagement in a University initiative.

2012/13: The company offered three 3-month work experiences for students to work in Management and sponsored the Chancellor’s prize (£100).

2011/12: The company offered a general management internship.

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With Tomas Christodoulou, Talent Acquisition:

EP Team: What are greatest the highlights and challenges of your role?

Tom: The best part of my role is finding those perfect students and welcoming them to the Enterprise family. Watching a student who you hired progress so quickly through our organisation is a fantastic highlight. There are many challenges to my role but without these challenges the role wouldn’t be fun! We recruit all year round so I suppose the main challenge is to get in as many new and fantastic employees as quick as possible to help our ever-growing business.

EP Team: Please describe Enterprise Rent-a-Car:

Tom: It was never our goal to be the biggest car rental company, just the best. It just so happens that by staying true to our beliefs we’ve grown into the #1 car rental company in the world.
We have over 8,200 locations worldwide, a fleet far in excess of one million vehicles and an extended global family of more than 82,000 enterprising employees and plenty of management trainees learning the ropes. All of this growth and expansion comes from our founder – Jack Taylor’s personal philosophy that if you take care of your customers and employees first, the profits will follow. More than anything, he recognised that customer retention is crucially important. To this end, employees have always been empowered to make decisions that directly affect their customers. By allowing branch managers to run their location as if it’s their own business and base a portion of their pay on branch profits, Enterprise has grown to more than $15 billion in revenue.

EP team: Why did you decide to take part in the EP Scheme?

Tom: As a company we are always looking for bright, enthusiastic and engaged students to join our graduate or internship programs. Now, with so many people deciding to go to University and obtaining degrees it is harder to stand out from the crowd. Those students who take part in the EP scheme are those who go the extra mile, those students who see increasing their employability skills just as important as their degree. Those students who do extra-curricular activities are generally more employable and the skills they learn will help them for after University life.

EP team: How do you feel the EP Scheme can benefit students at the University of Kent?

Tom: The EP scheme is something amazing to put on your CV – if you can show me a student who has acquired lots of EP points I will show you a student who has taken time to become a more employable. A student at the University of Kent can really stand out from the crowds when applying for jobs once they graduate by taking part in the EP scheme. Lots of people are now attending University and with so many degree courses it is the extra-curricular activities and skills you pick up from networking and work experience that will land you that dream job. The EP gibes the students at Kent a great platform to start building their career before they have even left!

EP team: What are the major challenges facing students, who plan to start a career in this industry?

Tom: The industry is fast-paced and challenging. You are given a lot of responsibility from day one as a future leader of our business. Each student is different in the challenges they will face, but it is these individual challenges and the targets we set that makes the environment fun. You will learn something new every day with our great training program. You need to be flexible, goal orientated and have a love for customer service to be successful.

EP team: What type of students would benefit from this?

Tom: In all honesty, there’s nothing set in stone as to what an Enterprise employee should or shouldn’t look like. However, there are several key traits we look for in all our management trainees.
To join our graduate programme or internship, you’ll have to be comfortable balancing business-minded entrepreneurialism with the empathy and care needed to understand and meet each and every customer’s requirements. Because if you are motivated by identifying and engaging with customers’ needs and can deliver new and creative approaches to attracting business, then you could be a roaring success here. Our placement and graduate program is open to all students from any degree background. We are simply looking for students interested in management but most importantly sales and customer service. Students who are hard-working and who want to have a successful career full of opportunity would benefit from our placement and graduate programme.


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My time at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car has been extremely rewarding. From the very first week of my employment the company and employees made me feel very welcomed and helped me to establish a foothold in my career. Working throughout the year in small teams has enabled a sense of companionship and helping that team trying to succeed has been greatly satisfying. A lot of effort and hard work has been asked of me over the year but with the incentives and aspirations for progression it has certainly been worthwhile. Even as my placement year drew to a close the company did all they could to facilitate me and I am now working part-time on campus while I finish my studies, which is the perfect balance for me.

Philip Dugard, 4th year Medway student who undertook a 12 month placement with Enterprise Rent-a-Car:

Wow! Looking back at my placement year at Enterprise it's amazing reflecting on the things that I've done and achieved. The challenges that i faced throughout, from my first day up until my last, allowed me to acquire and develop and whole number of new skills that are only going to benefit me in my last year at university and for the future. 
The make-up of the internship program really allowed me to explore different areas of the business and have an impact in every aspect allowing me to fully grasp what it takes to run a business. 
My placement year was incredible, and I am already eager to graduate and hopefully get back to Enterprise to continue with my career.

Chloe Archer, Univeristy of Kent Alumni and Enterprise Rent-a-Car employee.

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