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Audiopi is a dedicated audio service for the educational marketplace. We create podcast for GCSE and A Level students which are directly aligned to the curriculum.


Education should be a joy for all. In every culture up until the 21st Century, the aural tradition has been the most powerful source of passing knowledge from generation to generation. This tradition is the inspiration at Audiopi - to capture and enable that story telling spirit that informs, teaches and entertains simultaneously.

This tradition has been slowly eroded but it shouldn't have. It has stood the test of time and proves, along with many current studies, that listening and listening well, is a powerful tool for learning. 

Audiopi’s podcasts and our platform reflect this. We want their students to pass their exams and pass them well, but as importantly, they want them to be inspired by the subjects they are learning. To achieve this Audiopi are creating exceptional podcasts that teach and fuel the imagination in equal measure and are building a platform so that educators and students can create, share, collaborate and learn from one another.

Rewards 2017-18

Audiopi are offering a number of opportunities to students via the EP Scheme including:

  • Work experience in Social Media and website content, working on SEO copy and e-commerce content. 
  • Work experience building and expanding Audiopi databases.
  • Work experience placement for a sound engineer, assisting on podcasts, working on sound effects.
  • Work experience in script editing, reviewing and amending scripts submitted by academics and teachers. Can be tailored to specific subjects. 



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2015-17: Audiopi offered four placements which focused on:

  • Work experience in Social Media and website content. 
  • Work experience building databases.
  • Work experience for a sound engineer.
  • Work experience in script editing. 


2015-16 : Audiopi offered a number of rewards:

  • A project placement, where the student will be paid £300 to plan and implement a social media strategy.
  • A project placement, where the student will be paid £300 to create podcasts; this includes adapting a script, recording and adding sound effects.
  • An unpaid work experience placement creating a database of secondary schools - great for anyone interested in outreach and/or the education sector.
  • An unpaid work experience placement recording podcasts - great for anyone interested in performance arts.



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