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Velmai: Work Experience 2018

Several of our EP students recently completed their work experience with Velmai (a British chatbot developer and builder of AI bot customisations). All of the students had incredibly positive feedback for their time spent at the company:


Deborah Bempong

International Business with a Year in Computing (fourth year)

Role: New Client Acquisition and Tech Support at Velmai

Working with Velmai has been a great opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of the technology industry, especially in technologies involving holograms, chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. During the first week I tested Velmai's chatbot named Albert. I was able to successfully converse with him in a number of languages including German, English and French. I was quite impressed with Albert’s capabilities. I have learnt a lot from this internship and would recommend it to others even those that are not necessarily looking for a career in technology as there are a lot of invaluable and transferable skills to be learned during this internship.


Kiruththika Manialagan

International Business (Second year)

Role: Daily Operations and Client Accounts at Velmai

During the internship, I was worried I would not be able to complete the tasks set and work in a sector that I wasn’t fully aware of. I was completely wrong. I got to experience a variety of things at Velmai, I had the chance to do testing on bots, work in a team and complete proposals. Velmai has given me knowledge about bots and engage in real life scenarios as well as skills that I will be able to use later in the future. I am glad I was able to get friendly assistance from Tania and the team and I am thankful for this opportunity.


Asha Burathoki

Computer Science (Postgraduate)

Role: Bot Implementation and Quality Assurance at Velmai

Velmai is an amazing company to work for. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work as an intern under the mentorship of Velmai CEO, Professor Dr. Tania Peitzker. With so many credentials behind her, she is not only an empowering woman but truly an expert in the field of chatbots.
During my time in Velmai as an intern, I learned about emerging technologies(hologram,3D avatar, AI) and integration of chatbots. Furthermore, as a computer science student, I was given the opportunity to understand about the frontend and backend side supporting bot implementation. The implementation that I was able to assess during the training was of high standard and secure. I was very impressed by the aptitude of Velmai bot Albert, who is able to hold conversation like a friend.


Charles Grenville

Economics (third year)

Role: Sales & Marketing Strategist/Campaign Manager at Velmai

Working closely with Dr Peitzker on Velmai's internship programme has been an insightful fast-track into the Artificial Intelligence industry. The internship (which is looking to be a career-starting one) taught me about the market for AI chatbots and the capabilities of the technology. Part of our initial duties involved training up Velmai's demo AI (nicknamed Albert) to prepare it for what turned out to be a highly successful presentation.
 I've had exciting opportunities to pitch to and confer with executives from major UK-based and international companies, in what proved to be valuable live-fire exercises. The internship has also given me effective insight into B2B operations and strategy. Tania has given us clear instruction and explanation over the course of our training, preparing us well for the responsibilities we would ultimately be trusted with in important meetings.


The EP Team would like to thank Tania and everyone al Velmai for all the support they have given our students. The feedback from the interns has been unanimously positive and we look forward to seeing how their careers progress, particularly those who are thinking about going into the AI field. If you would like to find out more about Velmai, please see here.


You can chat with Velmai's AI bot Albert here:


Albert :
You :




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