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The EP has recently caught-up with Rhys Brown, School of Politics and International Relations, who completed a 2-day placement at the Ministry of Justice with Civil Service Fast Stream as an EP reward.

Rhys worked alongside Rosie Melville, Kent Alumni and a Fast Streamer, who introduced him to current work revolving around Prison reform.
Reflecting upon his placement Rhys commented on how this work placement allowed him to understand how a governmental department works and the type of the research inquiries civil servants undertake daily. In the second part of the day, during a policy workshop, Rhys was tasked with developing a policy similar to that which would be found at a fast stream assessment centre.

This, therefore, allowed Rhys to develop a number of transferable skills including project delivery, time management, communication and networking.
Rhys had an opportunity to have an informal chat with other member of the team, who over coffee gave him some sound advice and inside knowledge about joining and progressing as a civil servant.

Reflecting upon this Rhys stated:

‘This was an incredibly useful experience, and I was both surprised and impressed by the vast amount of different jobs, opportunities, and routes they had all taken within the civil service.’

During the placement Rhys was introduced to Sarah who works on cyber and space policy at the Ministry of Defence.

Rhys shared:

‘It was an amazing experience simply to visit the MOD’s grand building!’

During these two visits Rhys was able to receive a lot of specific information and advice surrounding defence and security careers in the civil service and the way in which a career in the Military and Civil service can work together.

Rhys commented:

“My two days experience with the Civil Service was a great opportunity, and I’ve now gained real motivation and drive to pursue this career path through the Civil Service’s fast stream program. All the people I met over the two days were enthusiastic about their jobs and also about helping people like myself to make sense of the huge world which is government and the civil service.

I’d like to thank the Employability Points scheme, Rosie, Sarah and everyone else who was involved in giving me a great two day experience.”

For more information on the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence and their involvement in the EP Scheme, please see here










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