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The Employability Points Scheme is an initiative managed by The Careers and Employability Service at the University of Kent. We receive and record multiple co-curricular activities undertaken by students whilst studying at the University of Kent.

The Employability Points Scheme: Privacy Notice


Upon completing co-curricular activities, such as attending events, completing optional courses and participating in University of Kent programmes, the department administrating this activity will inform the Employability Points Scheme of your attendance, name and username.

Through receiving this information, the Employability Points Scheme (EP Scheme) will allocate ‘Employability Points’ to the participating students. If this is the first activity logged, the student will be notified via email.

Employability Points are recorded in MyFolio, the University of Kent’s online ePortfolio and PDP tool. Employability Points can be logged by an individual student or by a member of the EP team on behalf of a student.

Students participating in the Scheme will receive regular email communications. These include information about events, workshops and general news relating to the Scheme. Students may choose not to receive further email communications from us by emailing us with a request to be removed from the mailing list.

For work-based rewards, student information will be shared with sponsors offering work-based rewards for the purpose of interviews. Successful candidate information will also be shared for the purpose of undertaking the work placement opportunity.

For other rewards (experience days, workshops, etc), student information will be shared with sponsors if the activity is being organised off-campus.

Throughout the year, the EP Scheme will be running various competitions for students to engage with. The Scheme will announce the winner of the competition and the two runners-up via social media platforms, as well as the website.

Students can request to remove their activities from the EP Scheme or alternatively, students may request to receive no further communications (but maintain their profile) or request they do not receive newsletters or promotional emails from the scheme.

Student data is derived from Student Records and for further information on how student data is used at the University of Kent, please see the Student Enrolment Privacy Notice.


As a sponsor of the Employability Points Scheme, we will collect the following information: organisation name, social media profile and prize information. We will also ask sponsors to provide us with a contact for the purpose of communication. We will the collect the following information about the contact: first name, last name, email, role and telephone.

Sponsors participating in the Scheme will receive regular email communications about the Scheme. Sponsors can also choose to receive email communications about the activities of the wider Innovation and Enterprise department. These activities include business development opportunities, networking events and other business related initiatives.

This notice is under regular review and was last updated in February 2021

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