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Turnitin - switching from Feedback Studio to classic

Feedback studio was enabled on our installation of Turnitin on September 16th 2016. Until August 2017, you will be able to use either the new Feedback studio or the classic GradeMark view when viewing an originality report, reading and making comments on work or marking.

Every individual can change which view they have without affecting other people on the same module - so a teacher may mark in Feedback studio, while some students see their comments in the same view and other students switch to classic Turnitin to check their comments.

For teachers only: if multiple people are marking, all should use the Feedback studio view if you want each comment to be marked with the initials of the marker.

Which version am I using?

Feedback studio will show its logo in the top left:

Feedback studio logo

Turnitin classic will have buttons to switch between the originality report, GradeMark and Peermark (not used).

Turnitin classic buttons

Switching version

Feedback studio is recommended and is the default. If you prefer the classic view, the button is at the bottom of the screen:

Return to Turnitin classic button, bottom of screen

Once in Turnitin classic view, you may switch back using the button at the top of the screen:

Switch to Feedback studio button, top of screen

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