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Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio (previously known as GradeMark) is Turnitin's online marking tool, allowing teachers to add text-based comments and marks to assignments submitted to Turnitin. Students can access their grade and comments after the post-date has passed, and marked assignments can be downloaded in PDF format for archival and moderation.

Information for Staff

If you decide to mark your students' submissions online then it is important that you make this clear to the students, both in your briefing on the module's assessment methods (usually in the module handbook) and in the summary of the Turnitin assignment itself. It is also important that you set the post-date correctly, as once this has passed the students will be able to see their grades and comments. Finally, you should always provide a link to the guidance for students either within the Turnitin summary or as a resource next to the Turnitin link on the main module page.

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