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Ombea is an interactive audience response system that displays live feedback on students’ opinions and knowledge during a teaching session. Ombea embeds seamlessly within Microsoft PowerPoint, so lecturers can pose questions and scenarios within their slides which students can then respond to using their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What can it be used for?

  • Testing student knowledge
  • Initiate discussion amongst the class or groups of students
  • Formative feedback
  • Peer feedback

Ombea at Kent

The University has a one-year site licence for Ombea, commencing March 2019. Ombea is available to all staff with a University of Kent IT account. The Ombea Response and Ombea Response 360 software is installed on all teaching PCs at the University and is available to install on a staff-managed PCs using the Software Centre desktop application.

UELT also has a supply of eighty Ombea 'clickers' - these can be used on their own or alongside the students' smartphones, tablets and laptops. Whilst the University's site licence allows Schools to have free and unlimited use of Ombea with smartphones, tablets or laptops, the expectation is that any Schools wishing to make more extensive use of the clickers will fund these directly.

In order to use Ombea, we will need to create an account for you. You can request an account by completing the following form.

Training sessions are being provided to support the rollout of this new technology. If you'd like to attend one of these sessions, you can do so by using the following link [external].

Information for Students

Your lecturer will let you know if they plan to use Ombea in a lecture or seminar.

If you are using Ombea on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you will need to access the following URL in order to participate in any polling: http://ra.ombea.com. You will be asked to enter a session ID. Your lecturer will provide you with this prior to using Ombea.

As your lecturer progresses through their presentation, for any interactive slides the question will automatically appear on your device's screen. Depending on the question type you can touch/click to make your answer choice, or use your keyboard to type a response.





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