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KentPlayer information for students

KentPlayer is the University’s lecture recording and educational multimedia service, which can be used to capture audio and video of the lecturer along with anything displayed on the computer screen, including PowerPoint presentations.

To find out what recordings will be available in each of your modules, take a look at the “lecture recording in this module” link in the introductory section of each Moodle module.

Your lecturer will let you know when a lecture is going to be recorded, so if you would prefer not to have your voice recorded when asking a question please let the lecturer know. Lecturers will decide when recordings will be made available, this may not be immediately after the lecture.

Acceptable Use Policy

You can only use recordings for your own study as a supplement to live lectures. You must not share these recordings, even with friends studying at other universities.  You must not upload copies to any public website (such as YouTube) and to do so will be treated as a serious breach of academic integrity and IT Regulations

How to view recordings

Recordings are made available via Moodle to students registered on the module. KentPlayer recordings will appear in the KentPlayer block in Moodle modules. To view a recording, click on the link in the Moodle block. This will open the KentPlayer Viewer.

Making the most of recordings

KentPlayer recordings are intended to supplement your attendance at lectures. The recordings will allow you to revisit complex materials, to review anything you did not catch the first time or to revise for examinations. You can make notes alongside the recordings and bookmark parts that you may want to revisit.


Frequently asked questions

For more information on KentPlayer take a look at our answers to frequently asked questions.



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