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Please browse these FAQs to find answers to common questions. Full documentation on how to use KentPlayer can be found on the KentPlayer homepage.

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These general questions address common concerns about KentPlayer.

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Will all lectures be recorded?

No, due to the "performance rights" involved in recording lectures, it is the choice of each lecturer whether and how often to record lectures. This service is offered to all members of staff, and we encourage them to record lectures for the benefit of students, but we cannot mandate use of the system.

Where do I find recordings?

If your lecturer is using KentPlayer for lecture or any other recordings, the KentPlayer block will appear somewhere on the module's Moodle page (usually in the top-right corner). This block will list all available recordings. When you click on a link it will open in a new window.

Can I share the recordings with others

No. Recordings are only for use by students on the module and anyone else the lecturer chooses to grant access to. Please note that uploading part or all of a recording to a public web site such as YouTube or Facebook, or sharing recordings in any way, would be a breach of academic integrity and IT regulations, and so may be subject to disciplinary action. Please see the Acceptable Use Policy for full details.

Do I still need to attend lectures?

This service is not intended to replace live attendance at lectures, and your lecturer (or the module handbook) should let you know if attendance is compulsory. Please note that we cannot guarantee that every recording will be successful as there are sometimes technical issues beyond our control, and so you should not rely on the availability of these recordings.

How long are recordings kept?

Recordings are retained until the end of the academic year following the date of recording; for instance, 2016/17 content will be deleted in the summer of 2018, and so you can continue to access last year's recordings for catch-up or resit purposes.




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