OMBEA is an interactive audience response system that displays live feedback on opinions and knowledge during a teaching session. Students can participate using any internet enabled device.

Embedding seamlessly within Microsoft PowerPoint, it's easy to use OMBEA for;

  • Testing student knowledge
  • Initiating discussion amongst the class or groups of students
  • Formative feedback
  • Peer feedback

If you are interested in purchasing a license to use OMBEA, please get in touch with us at elearning@kent.ac.uk

Staff Resources

Our Moodle Module has a wealth of guidance to help you use OMBEA effectively.


  • Our interactive course is great for those new to OMBEA or wanting a refresher.
  • Help yourself by using the Guides and FAQs to look up something quickly.
  • Still stuck? Contact us for help or sign up to Training.

  If you are interested in using OMBEA, please get in touch with the E-Learning Team.  

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