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Rob Fraser is Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Economics. He completed a first degree in Economics at Adelaide University before gaining a Rhodes Scholarship to study for MPhil and DPhil qualifications in Economics at Oxford University from 1978. His first appointment was as an Assistant Professor of Economics for the University of Virginia, USA in 1981. A year later, he joined the University of Western Australia initially as a Lecturer in Economics, becoming Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics early in 1999. In 2000 he was appointed Professor of Agricultural Economics at Imperial College, and in 2006 he joined the University of Kent in the same capacity.

He has an international research reputation as a policy economist, specialising in both agri-environmental and invasive species policy design and evaluation. In this context, since moving to the UK in 2000 he has participated in a range of DEFRA and other funded research projects. In addition, he was commissioned in 2006 by the OECD to prepare a report on "Information Deficiencies in Agri-Environmental Policies", which was then presented as the keynote paper to an OECD Workshop on this topic. He is a Past President of the Agricultural Economics Society (AES) and is both a Past President and a Distinguished Fellow of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES). He is also a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Agricultural Economics. Since 2012 he has been a Member of DEFRA’s Economic Advisory Panel.

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Rob's publications can also be found on RePEc.

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Fraser, R. (2016). Compensation Payments and Animal Disease: Incentivising Farmers Both to Undertake Costly On-farm Biosecurity and to Comply with Disease Reporting Requirements. Environmental and Resource Economics [Online]:1-13. Available at:
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Fraser, R. (2009). Land heterogeneity, agricultural income forgone and environmental benefit: an assessment of incentive compatibility problems in environmental stewardship schemes. Journal of Agricultural Economics [Online] 60:190-201. Available at:
Fraser, R. (2009). Land Heterogeneity, Agricultural Income Foregone and Environmental Benefit: An Assessment of Incentive Compatibility Problems in Environmental Stewardship Schemes. Journal of Agricultural Economics [Online] 60:190-201. Available at:
Fraser, R. and Souza Monteiro, D. (2009). A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating the Most Cost-Effective Intervention Along the Supply Chain to Improve Food Safety. Food Policy [Online] 34:477-481. Available at:
Fraser, R. and Cook, D. (2008). Trade and invasive species risk mitigation: reconciling WTO compliance with maximising the gains from trade. Food Policy [Online] 33:176-184. Available at:
Haddock-Fraser, J. et al. (2007). A method for evaluating alternative landscape management scenarios in relation to the biodiversity conservation of habitats. Ecological Economics [Online] 61:277-283. Available at:
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Fraser, R. and Lobb, A. (2005). Implications of Recent Australian Wheat Industry Developments for Domestic and Overseas Prices. Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development 1:93-108.
Fraser, I. and Fraser, R. (2005). Targeting Monitoring Resources to Enhance the Effectiveness of the CAP. Eurochoices [Online] 4:22-27. Available at:
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Research interests

Rob Fraser's research interests are in the design and evaluation of agri-environmental policies, and invasive species policies, including policies affecting world trade.

Rob's RePEc page is

Working Papers

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PhD supervision

Past students

  • Dr Christina Siettou, completed 2015
  • Dr Emmanuelle Quillerou: "Adverse Selection and Agri-Environmental Policy Design: The Higher Level Stewardship Scheme as a Case Study", completed 2010
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