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Dr John Peirson

Reader in Economics

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John Peirson (PhD Southampton) is a Reader in Economics. He began his career as an economist in 1976 working for the Department of Energy before shortly moving on to a post as research assistant at the University of Southampton. After one year, he was awarded a PhD scholarship in the School of Economics at Southampton. From 1980, he worked for three years as a research fellow at the University of Sheffield. His first teaching job was at the University of York from 1983-86. In 1986, he moved to the University of Kent and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1997, and to Reader in 2012.

John's research interests are in the economics of uncertainty, transport, gambling markets and energy. He is currently interested in the efficiency of markets with uncertain outcomes. He is also interested in the externalities of road transport and, in particular, congestion, hypercongestion and accidents. He has advised the UK government and the European Union on the economic analysis of road accidents and congestion. He is also investigating the efficiency, equity and operation of gambling markets and issues concerning problem gambling.

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John's publications can also be found on RePEc and ResearchGate.

Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Peirson, J., Vaughan Williams, L., Sung, M. and Johnson, J. (2016). Toward an understanding of the origins of the favourite-longshot bias: Evidence from online poker markets, a real-money natural laboratory. Economica [Online] 85:360-382. Available at:
Bruce, A., Johnson, J. and Peirson, J. (2012). Recreational Versus Professional Bettors: Performance Differences and Efficiency Implications. Economics Letters [Online] 114:172-174. Available at:
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Barde, S. and Peirson, J. (2011). Non-negativity and agglomeration behaviour of the quasi-linear logarithmic model of NEG. Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences [Online] 4:91-101. Available at:
Johnson, J., Peel, D. and Peirson, J. (2010). Systematic and Varying Biases in Parallel State Contingent Gambling Markets. Economics Letters [Online] 109:82-84. Available at:
Peirson, J. and Smith, M. (2010). Expert Analysis and Insider Information in Horse Race Betting: Regulating Informed Market Behavior. Southern Economic Journal [Online] 76:976-992. Available at:
Bruce, A., Johnson, J., Peirson, J. and Yu, J. (2009). An Examination of the Determinants of Biased Behaviour in a Market for State Contingent Claims. Economica [Online] 76:282-303. Available at:
Collier, W., Green, F. and Peirson, J. (2005). Training and establishment survival. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 52:710-735.
Book section
Peirson, J. and Vickerman, R. (2008). The London Congestion Charging Scheme: The Evidence. In: Jensen-Butler, C., Sloth, B., Larsen, M. M., Madsen, B. and Nielsen, O. eds. Road Pricing, the Economy and the Environment. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 79-91.
Collier, W. and Peirson, J. (2005). The Presence of Favourites and Biases in Bookmakers' Odds. In: Vaughan-Williams, L. ed. Information Efficiency in Financial and Betting Markets. UK: Cambridge University Press. Available at:
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John's main future research areas are:

  • the economics of uncertainty and, in particular, the efficiency of markets under uncertainty;
  • the economics of the operation of gambling markets;
  • the economics of road congestion and accidents.

John's RePEc page is

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Consultation hours


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PhD supervision

John Peirson is interested in supervising new PhD students in:

  • the economics of road transport
  • the economics of gambling markets

Current PhD students

Past PhD students

  • Dr Prapakorn Winaisathaporn: "The Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Economics of Congestion and Hypercongestion", completed 2015
  • Dr Sylvain Barde: "A comparative economic analysis of agglomeration theory", completed 2007.


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Administrative roles

  • GES Higher Degree Apprenticeship Development


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