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Dr Christian Crentsil

Assistant Lecturer

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Christian Crentsil completed his PhD in Economics in 2018 and is now working as an Assistant Lecturer within the School.

Thesis title

The Role of Risk Attitudes and Perceptions in the Production Choices of Fish Farmers in Southern Ghana.

Research synopsis

The research project will investigate whether, and to what extent, risk and uncertainty constrain the production choices of fish farmers. The study will collect information on their risk preferences, and beliefs relating to risk. If the risk and uncertainty associated with fish farming impose significant constraints, then farmers who are more risk-averse will be seen to make productive choices that reduce their risk exposure at the expense of agricultural productivity and profitability, as described by Morduch (1995); the finding would have the implication that agricultural support and financial services that enable farmers to cope with risk should take priority in the policy agenda.

Primary field of interest

My primary research interest lies in the study of efficiency of production, especially in the aquaculture sector.

Secondary field of interest

I am interested in investigating the role risk attitudes and preferences have on the production choices of fish production in developing countries.

Thesis supervisors

Dr Zaki Wahhaj and Dr Adelina Gschwandtner

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Papers and articles published

  • Competitiveness and determinants of coffee exports, producer price and production for Ethiopia, published in the Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and International Business, 2013. Volume I, Issue 1(1), Summer 2013. Co-authored with David Boansi.
  • Economics of Fish Production in Amansie-West District of Ghana: Implication for Food Security in West Africa, Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 3(3): 179-188, 2014; Article no. AJAEES. 2014.001. Published 6 March 2014. Co-author: George Ukpong Inibehe.
  • Production function analysis of fish production in Amansie-West District of Ghana, West Africa. American Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 2014, Vol 4, No 7, pp 817-835. Co-author: George Ukpong Inibehe.
  • Measurement of technical efficiency of smallholder fish production in Ghana: A stochastic frontier approach, Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, Vol 6(5), pp 203-211, May 2014. Co-authored with Felix Larry Essilfie. 
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