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Professor Alan Carruth

Professor of Economics

School of Economics, Keynes College, B2.07



Alan trained at the Universities of Stirling, Strathclyde and Warwick. He has been a member of the School of Economics at the University of Kent since October 1979. He received his PhD from the University of Warwick in 1983.

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Alan's publications can also be found on RePEc and ResearchGate.

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Collier, W., Carruth, A. and Dickerson, A. (2004). Inter-industry Wage Differences and Individual Heterogeneity. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics [Online] 66:811-846. Available at:
Campbell, D. et al. (2003). Job insecurity and wages. Economic Journal [Online] 117:544-566. Available at:
Carruth, A., Henley, A. and Dickerson, A. (2003). Industry-wide versus firm-specific uncertainty and investment: British company panel data evidence. Economics Letters [Online] 78:87-92. Available at:
Carruth, A., Henley, A. and Dickerson, A. (2003). Investment and Uncertainty: A UK Company Panel Study. Economics Letters [Online] 78:87-92. Available at:
Carruth, A. and Dickerson, A. (2003). Asymmetric Error Correction Mechanisms and UK Consumer Spending. Applied Economics 35:619-630.
Book section
Carruth, A. and Sanchez-Fung, J. (2004). Money Demand in the Dominican Republic. in: Prazmowski, P. A., Sanchez-Fung, J. R. and Santos-Paulino, A. eds. Essays on Macroeconomics in the Dominican REpublic and Developing Countries. Dominican Republic: Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, pp. 7-31.
Carabine, K. and Carruth, A. (2008). The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, vol 7, 1920-1922. Conradiana 40:198-210.
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Research interests

Alan’s research interests are in Labour Economics, Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics. This includes work on Inter-Industry Wages, Job Insecurity, Investment under Uncertainty, and Consumer Spending.

Alan's RePEc page is

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PhD supervision

Current students

Past PhD students

  • Dr Reinhold Heinlein: "On the International Transmission of Monetary Policy", completed 2013
  • Dr Jose Sanchez-Fung: "Essays on monetary policy in the Dominican Republic and Latin America", completed 2002
  • Dr William Collier: "Labour market heterogeneity: Wage determination and unemployment duration", completed 2001
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