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  • 17/01: 'Spatial differencing for sample selection models', Alex Klein and Guy Tchuente
  • 17/02: 'The Willingness to Pay for Organic Attributes in the UK', Adelina Gschwandtner and Michael Burton
  • 17/03: 'Why Does the Productivity of Investment Vary Across Countries?', Kevin S. Nell and A.P. Thirlwall
  • 17/04: 'Targeted fiscal policy to increase employment and wages of unskilled workers', Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Wei Jiang and James Malley
  • 17/05: 'Regional Business Cycle and Growth Features of Japan', Masaru Inaba and Keisuke Otsu
  • 17/06: 'Justice Delayed is Growth Denied: The Effect of Slow Courts on Relationship-Specific Industries in India', Amrit Amirapu
  • 17/07: 'Lost in the Storm: The Academic Collaborations that Went Missing in Hurricane Isaac', Raquel Campos, Fernanda L. L. de Leon and Ben McQuillin
  • 17/08: 'Why did socialist economies fail? The role of factor inputs reconsidered', Tamás Vonyó and Alexander Klein
  • 17/09: 'Industry Volatility and International Trade', Adina Ardelean, Miguel León-Ledesma and Laura Puzzello
  • 17/10: 'The Determinants of International Migration in Early Modern Europe: Evidence from the Maritime Sector, c. 1700–1800', Alexander Klein and Jelle van Lottum
  • 17/11: 'Cash for Votes: Evidence from India', Anirban Mitra, Shabana Mitra and Arnab Mukherji
  • 17/12: 'An empirical validation protocol for large-scale agent-based models', Sylvain Barde and Sander van der Hoog
  • 17/13: 'Firm Dynamics, Dynamic Reallocation, Variable Markups, and Productivity Behaviour', Anthony Savagar
  • 17/14: 'Allocative efficiency of UK firms during the Great Recession', Florian Gerth
  • 17/15: 'A Long-Run Perspective on the Spatial Concentration of Manufacturing Industries in the United States', Nicholas Crafts and Alexander Klein
  • 17/16: 'Disputes, Debt and Equity', Alfred Duncan and Charles Nolan
  • 17/17: 'Was Domar Right? Serfdom and Factor Endowments in Bohemia', Alexander Klein and Sheilagh Ogilvie
  • 17/18: 'Aggregation in Networks', Nizar Allouch
  • 17/19: 'Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Models', Alfred Duncan and Charles Nolan
  • 17/20: 'Improving Drinking Water Quality in South Korea: A Choice Experiment', Adelina Gschwandtner, Cheul Jang and Richard McManus
  • 17/21: 'Strategic Default in Financial Networks', Nizar Allouch and Maya Jalloul

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