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  • 16/01: 'Intra-household Resource Allocation and Familial Ties', Harounan Kazianga and Zaki Wahhaj
  • 16/02: 'Early Marriage, Social Networks and the Transmission of Norms', Niaz Asadullah and Zaki Wahhaj
  • 16/03: 'Is there a mission drift in microfinance? Some new empirical evidence from Uganda', Francis Awuku Darko
  • 16/04: 'The rise of the service economy and the real return on capital', Miguel León-Ledesma and Alessio Moro
  • 16/05: 'The Revenue Implication of Trade Liberalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some new evidence', Lanre Kassim
  • 16/06: 'The Post-crisis Slump in Europe: A Business Cycle Accounting Analysis', Florian Gerth and Keisuke Otsu
  • 16/07: 'Estimation of social interaction models using regularization', Guy Tchuente
  • 16/08: 'Regularization Based Anderson Rubin Tests for Many Instruments', Marine Carrasco and Guy Tchuente
  • 16/09: 'Government Spending Multipliers in Natural Resource-Rich Developing Countries', Jean-Pascal Nganou, Juste Somé and Guy Tchuente
  • 16/10: 'Production and Endogenous Bankruptcy under Collateral Constraints', Miguel León-Ledesma and Jaime Orrillo
  • 16/11: 'Spillovers of Community-Based Health Interventions on Consumption Smoothing', Emla Fitzsimons, Bansi Malde and Marcos Vera-Hernández
  • 16/12: 'What drives firm profitability? A comparison of the US and EU food processing industry, Adelina Gschwandtner and Stefan Hirsch
  • 16/13: 'On the Relationship between Lifestyle and Happiness in the UK', Adelina Gschwandtner, Sarah L. Jewell and Uma Kambhampati
  • 16/14: 'Appropriate Technology and Balanced Growth', Miguel A. León-Ledesma and Mathan Satchi

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