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  • 15/01: 'Military Aid, Direct Intervention and Counterterrorism', María D.C. García-Alonso, Paul Levine and Ron Smith
  • 15/02: 'Fiscal multipliers in a two-sector search and matching model', Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Wei Jiang and James Malley
  • 15/03: 'Public Good Provision in Indian Rural Areas: the Returns to Collective Action by Microfinance Groups', Paolo Casini, Lore Vandewalle and Zaki Wahhaj
  • 15/04: 'A Practical, Universal, Information Criterion over Nth Order Markov Processes', Sylvain Barde
  • 15/05: 'Appropriate Technology and the Labour Share', Miguel A. León-Ledesma and Mathan Satchi
  • 15/06: 'Efficiency in a forced contribution threshold public good game', Edward Cartwright and Anna Stepanova
  • 15/07: 'Direct calibration and comparison of agent-based herding models of financial markets', Sylvain Barde
  • 15/08: 'Fundamental shock selection in DSGE models', Filippo Ferroni, Stefano Grassi and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 15/09: 'Repaying Microcredit Loans: A Natural Experiment on Liability Structure', Mahreen Mahmud
  • 15/10: 'German Wage Moderation and European Imbalances: Feeding the Global VAR with Theory', Timo Bettendorf and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 15/11: 'Testing for Level Shifts in Fractionally Integrated Processes: a State Space Approach', Davide Delle Monache, Stefano Grassi and Paolo Santucci de Magistris
  • 15/12: 'Act Now: The Effects of the 2008 Spanish Disability Reform', Matthew J. Hill, Jose Silva and Judit Vall
  • 15/13: 'Microcredit with Voluntary Contributions and Zero Interest Rate - Evidence from Pakistan', Mahreen Mahmud
  • 15/14: 'Agglomeration Economies and Productivity Growth: U.S. Cities, 1880-1930', Alexander Klein and Nicholas Crafts
  • 15/15: 'Regularized LIML for many instruments', Marine Carrasco and Guy Tchuente
  • 15/16: 'High school human capital portfolio and college outcomes', Guy Tchuente
  • 15/17: 'Efficient estimation with many weak instruments using regularization techniques', Marine Carrasco and Guy Tchuente
  • 15/18: 'Trend Dominance in Macroeconomic Fluctuations', Katsuyuki Shibayama
  • 15/19: 'A fast algorithm for finding the confidence set of large collections of models', Sylvain Barde
  • 15/20: 'A Theory of Child Marriage', Zaki Wahhaj
  • 15/21: 'Endogenous divorce and human capital production', Amanda Gosling and María D. C. García-Alonso

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