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  • 12/17: 'Investigating Global Imbalances: Empirical Evidence from a GVAR Approach', Timo Bettendorf
  • 12/16: 'Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Institutions and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Indonesia', Sarmistha Pal and Zaki Wahhaj
  • 12/15: 'A Longitudinal Perspective on Higher Education Participation in the UK', Javier Valbuena
  • 12/14: 'Point identification in the presence of measurement error in discrete variables: application - wages and disability', Eirini-Christina Saloniki and Amanda Gosling
  • 12/13: 'English Deficiency and the Native-Immigrant Wage Gap', Alfonso Miranda and Yu Zhu
  • 12/12: 'Deconstructing Growth - A Business Cycle Accounting Approach with application to BRICs', Suparna Chakraborty and Keisuke Otsu
  • 12/11: 'The Financial Market Impact of UK Quantitative Easing', Francis Breedon, Jagjit S Chadha and Alex Waters
  • 12/10: 'Social Norms, Higher-Order Beliefs and the Emperor's New Clothes', Zaki Wahhaj
  • 12/09: 'A Disaggregate Characterisation of Recessions', Fabrizio Coricelli, Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 12/08: 'Reserves, Liquidity and Money: An Assessment of Balance Sheet Policies', Jagjit S Chadha, Luisa Corrado and Jack Meaning
  • 12/07: 'Accounting for the Great Recession in the UK: Real Business Cycles and Financial Frictions', Jagjit S Chadha and James Warren
  • 12/06: 'Non-Homothetic Growth Models for the Environmental Kuznets Curve', Katsuyuki Shibayama and Iain Fraser
  • 12/05: 'World Real Interest Rates: A Tale of Two Regimes', Jagjit S Chadha
  • 12/04: 'Non-Balanced Growth and Production Technology Estimation', Miguel A León-Ledesma, Peter McAdam and Alpo Willman
  • 12/03: 'British Economic Growth, 1270-1870: an output-based approach', Stephen Broadberry, Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton and Bas van Leeuwen
  • 12/02: 'Back to the future: economic rationality and maximum entropy prediction', Sylvain Barde
  • 12/01: 'Interpreting the Hours-Technology time-varying relationship', Cristiano Cantore, Filippo Ferroni and Miguel A León-Ledesma


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