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  • 10/13: 'Policy Rules Under the Monetary and the Fiscal Theories of the Price-Level', Jagjit S. Chadha
  • 10/12: 'The Financial Crisis: What have Macroeconomists Learnt?', Jagjit S. Chadha
  • 10/11: 'Net Foreign Assets, Productivity and Real Exchange Rates in Constrained Economies', Dimitris K. Christopoulos, Karine Gente and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 10/10: 'International Business Cycle Accounting', Keisuke Otsu
  • 10/09: 'Does the Endowment of Contributors Make a Difference in Threshold Public Good Games?', Federica Alberti and Edward J. Cartwright
  • 10/08: 'Income Based Price Subsidies and Parallel Imports', Rajat Acharyya and María D.C. García-Alonso
  • 10/07: 'A Note on Balanced Growth with a less than Unitary Elasticity of Substitution', Miguel A. León-Ledesma and Mathan Satchi
  • 10/06: 'The Endogeneity of the Natural Rate of Growth for a Selection of Asian Countries', Mark Dray and A.P. Thirlwall
  • 10/05: 'Inventories in Dynamic General Equilibrium', Katsuyuki Shibayama
  • 10/04: 'Transport Pricing and Public-Private Partnerships', Emil Evenhuis, Roger Vickerman
  • 10/03: 'Selection Policy and Immigrants’ Remittance Behaviour ', Stephane Mahuteau, Matloob Piracha, Massimiliano Tani
  • 10/02: 'Is low inflation really causing the decline in exchange rate pass-through?', Reginaldo P. Nogueira Júnior, Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 10/01: 'The Double Dividend Hypothesis in a CGE Model: Specific Factors and Variable Labour Supply', Iain Fraser


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