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  • 09/25: 'Tax Policy for Economic Recovery and Growth', Christopher Heady, Åsa Johansson, Jens Arnold, Bert Brys and Laura Vartia
  • 09/24: 'Does category reporting increase donations to charity? A signalling game approach', Edward Cartwright and Amrish Patel
  • 09/23: 'Do Migrants Really Save More? Understanding the Impact of Remittances on Savings in Rural China', Yu Zhu, Zhongmin Wu, Meiyan Wang, Yang Du and Fang Cai
  • 09/22: 'Efficiency and Frontier Technology in the Aftermath of Recessions: International Evidence', Dimitris Christopoulous and Miguel León-Ledesma
  • 09/21: 'Estimating WTP with Uncertainty Choice Contingent Valuation', Kelvin Balcombe, Aurelia Samuel, Iain Fraser
  • 09/20: 'Subsistence and Semi-Subsistence Farming in Selected EU New Member States', Sophia Davidova, Lena Fredriksson and Alastair Bailey
  • 09/19: 'Weak IPR and Imitation in the South and International Exhaustion of Patent Rights in the North for Innovated Drugs: A Policy Game", Rajat Acharyya and Maria D.C. García-Alonso
  • 09/18: 'Job Insecurity, Employability, Unemployment and Well-Being, Francis Green
  • 09/17: 'The Causal Effect of Teen Motherhood on Worklessness', Ian Walker and Yu Zhu
  • 09/16: 'A General Treatment of Non-Response Data From Choice Experiments Using Logit Models', Kelvin Balcombe, Iain Fraser
  • 09/15: 'Traffic Lights and Food Choice: A Choice Experiment Examining the Relationship Between Nutritional Food Labels and Price, Kelvin Balcombe, Iain Fraser, Salvatore Di Falco
  • 09/14: 'Leadership in a Weak-Link Game', Joris Gillet, Edward Cartwright, Mark Van Vugt
  • 09/13: 'Endogenous Leadership in a Coordination Game with Conflict of Interest and Asymmetric Information', Edward Cartwright, Joris Gillet, Mark Van Vugt
  • 09/12: 'Circular Migration or Permanent Return: What Determines the Different Forms of Migration?' Florin P. Vadean and Matloob E. Piracha
  • 09/11: 'Has Trade Liberalisation in Poor Countries Delivered the Promises Expected?' Penélope Pacheco-López and A.P. Thirlwall
  • 09/10: 'Sources of Current Account Fluctuations in Industrialized Countries.' Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 09/09: 'On causal relationships between exchange rates and fundamentals: better than you think.' Dimitris Christopoulos and Miguel A. León-Ledesma
  • 09/08: 'Prioritising Biosecurity Investment between Protecting Agricultural and Environmental Systems.' David C. Cook, Rob W. Fraser, Jeffrey K. Waage and Matthew B. Thomas
  • 09/07: Where did all the remittances go?, Yu Zhu, Zhongmin Wu, Liquan Peng and Laiyun Sheng
  • 09/06: Social Norms and Naïve Beliefs, Amrish Patel and Edward Cartwright
  • 09/05: Return Migration and Occupational Choice, Matloob Piracha and Florin Vadean
  • 09/04: Credit Supply and Output Volatility, Cristiano Cantore and Mathan Satchi
  • 09/03: Employee Involvement, Technology and Job Tasks, Francis Green
  • 09/02: Health Systems, Inequality and Incentives to Innovate, Rajat Archaryya and María del Carmen García-Alonso
  • 09/01: R&D Spillovers, Concentration and Market Performance, Anna Stepanova


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