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Professor Alexandre Nicolella

Professor of Economics

University of São Paulo



Alexandre Nicolella has his first degree in Agriculture and holds a doctoral degree in Applied Economics from the University of São Paulo. Currently, he is Professor of Economics at the same university at the School of Economics, Business and Accounting at Ribeirão Preto. He was visiting professor at the University of Kent (2010 and 2016) and the University of Illinois (2013).

At the University, he is the Director of the Center of Organization Studies, which aims to study institutions and organizations, specifically the heterogeneity. Research interests lie principally in the area of labour and social economics applied to the agricultural sector.

He has been involved in several projects as coordinator or senior researcher for international institutions such as the World Bank, IADB, DFID, IFPRI and national institutions such as Lemann Foundation, INEP at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, BNDES – National Bank of Development, Unibanco Institute, BBM Bank, Cargill and EDP do Brasil.

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Publications and research

  • Soares, T.M. Nicolella, A.C. Silva, N.F.; Nóbrega, M.C."Factors associated with the school dropout in public secondary education in Minas Gerais State"  Educação e Pesquisa, v. 41, p. 757-772, 2015 (in English)
  • Nicolella, A.C.; Belluzzo, W. "The effect of reducing the pre-harvest burning of sugar-cane area on respiratory health in Brazil" Environment and Development Economics 2015, v.20, n.1  127-140 (in English)
  • Anuatti, F., Belluzzo Junior, W., Nicolella, A.C.; "Industrial consumers reaction to unintentional changes of optimal electricity tariffs in Brazil (2002-2006"). Revista Brasileira de Energia, v. 20, p. 7, 2014 (in English)
  • Nicolella, A.C.; Kassouf, A, L.; Mendonça, A.L.B "The impact of Agricultural child labor on child health in Brazil". Journal of Agricultural Economics and Sociology. Vol.46, 2008,  p.673 – 701 (in Portuguese)
  • Nicolella, A.C.; Dragone, D.S.; Bacha, C.J.C "Determinants of demand of fertilizer in Brazil for the period from 1970 to 2000", Journal of Agricultural Economics and Sociology. Vol. 43 No. 01 – 2005. p.81-100. (in Portuguese)
  • Nicolella, A.C. Saes, S.M, Chen, K. "Energy cost and transformation of the dairy and potato Value Chain" Working paper (in English)
  • Rocha,V. Belluzzo, W.; Nicolella,A.C. "Impact evaluation of the decentralization of the public expenditure on municipal basic education at São Paulo" Working Paper (in Portuguese)
  • Nicolella, A.C., Kassouf, A.L "The effect of child labour on children’s health in Brazil" Working paper. (in English)
  • Foundations of heterogeneity: analysis of the firm's performance with similar initial endowment. Funded by: FAPESP, 2014-2016. Function: Senior researcher. Research in progress (In English)
  • "One Health" – Identification of risks, development of sustainable solutions for urban and peri0-urban areas. Funded by:  ZEF University of Bonn, 2016-2019. Function: Senior researcher. Research in progress (In English)
  • Energy Scarcity, Food Supply Chain Transformation, and Poverty Reduction in the Emerging Economies: the Case of Brazil, China, and India Funded by: IFPRI - International Food Policy Research, 2013-2016. Function: Research/Coordination ( In English)
  • FAPESP contribution to the agricultural development in the São Paulo State. Funded by: FAPESP, 2014-2016. Function: Senior researcher ( In English)
  • Impact evaluation of "6o experimental year" – Rio de Janeiro Municipality, 2013 Funded by: Lemann Foundation 2014-2016. Function: Senior researcher
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at the University of São Paulo


  • Applied Statistics for Economics
  • Introduction to R for Economics
  • Introduction to Economic Theory


  • Public Policy Evaluation


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