Portrait of Professor Jagjit Chadha

Professor Jagjit Chadha

Professor of Economics


Professor Jagjit Chadha works on macroeconomics with a particular focus on monetary issues. His interests lie mostly, but not exclusively, with DSGE models in which he works on developing richer financial mechanisms, for example to incorporate money, bank behaviour, inventory and the term structure of interest rates. 

He is Chair of the Money, Macro and Finance Research Group and specialist adviser to the Treasury Committee. He has acted as an academic adviser to HM Treasury, the Bank of England and many policy-making institutions around the world. 

Jagjit is currently on secondment as Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR). Situated in Westminster, the Institute provides research, forecasts and advice to government and beyond on a wide range of important economic and social issues.

Research interests

Jagjit's research interests lie in quantitative business cycle theory and financial economics – his enquiries are guided by the need to understand the causes of business cycle fluctuations. The consequent need to develop appropriate stabilisation policy (or rules) is a supplementary interest.

Jagjit's RePEc page is http://econpapers.repec.org/RAS/pch64.htm


Past students

  • Dr Yong O Kwon
  • Dr Young-Kwan Kang: 'Essays on monetary and macroprudential policy'
  • Dr Jungu Yang: 'Optimal Monetary Policy of Small Open Economies Under Twin Crises'
  • Dr Jack Meaning: 'A Consideration of Innovations in Monetary Policy'
  • Dr James Warren: 'Empirical Business Cycle Models'
  • Dr Alex Waters: 'Capital Markets and Financial Assets', completed 2013
  • Dr Eddie Gerba: 'Essays on Financial Intermediation and Financial Stability', completed 2013
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