Portrait of Professor Miltos Makris

Professor Miltos Makris

Professor of Economics
Director of Graduate Studies (PhD)


Miltiadis (Miltos) Makris is a Professor of Economics at the University of Kent. After finishing his graduate studies at Athens University of Economics and Business, he was awarded a PhD in Economics by the University of Essex. 

He has taught at the Universities of Bristol, Exeter, Leicester and Southampton. He has published in leading peer-reviewed economics journals such as the International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, and the Journal of Public Economics

Research interests

Miltos' current research interests include the study of optimal income taxation, dynamic tax competition, understanding understanding the drivers of R&D investment, the study of strategic complementarities in macroeconomics, experimentation, as well as auction theory, contract theory, and dynamic mechanism and information design.

His main research approach has been theoretical modelling, often combined with experiments and/or computational analysis. His research has policy implications for the alleviation of inequality and the design of the income tax code, the scope of barriers to capital tax competition in Europe, the need for the introduction of a stabilisation tax on financial transactions, the design of licence auctions and takeovers, the organisation of markets, the impact of communications in strategic interactions, etc.

For further information, please visit Miltos' personal webpage

Miltos is a contributor to the blog Greek Economists for Reform and has written articles for various Greek media on the Euro crisis.



Administrative roles

  • Director of Graduate Studies (PhD)
  • Member of School Strategic Management Group
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