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Yannis Galanakis

PhD Candidate


Yannis Galanakis began studying for a PhD in Economics in September 2017. Previously, he obtained an undergraduate first class honours degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business (graduating in the top 4% of his class). His dissertation grade was Excellent (10/10) which gained him a scholarship to pursue postgraduate study at the same institution. Later, he received a Vice-Chancellor’s Research Scholarship Award to complete his PhD at the University of Kent (UK).

Yannis also worked as a Research Assistant to Professor Irma Clots-Figueras and Dr Amrit Amirapu on a Political Economy Project in the context of India.

Yannis is a member of the Microeconomics Research Group.

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Research interests

Human Capital Mismatch (HCM) in the labour market might occur when individuals from lower-skilled occupations have similar characteristics to those who are employed in more skill-demanding jobs. This (mis)allocation of employees is dependent on the occupation in which they are currently employed.

Yannis' research studies the extent of HCM in the UK for the last 25 years using data from the BHPS and the 'Understanding Society’. Part of it focuses on the female labour market highlighting not only the magnitude of their mismatch, but also the discrimination they face even before entering the market. Finally, a comparison with the results coming from the British Cohort Study 1970 (BCS70) will elaborate on the robustness of my estimates.



Thesis supervisors:


Yannis is a network research affiliate of the Global Labor Organization (GLO), where he participates in the VirtYS program for 2019/20.  

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