Get ready for your new school site

The Kent Web team are excited to begin working with academic schools on migrating their websites into Site Editor and into the new design theme.

We’re aiming to have all school sites across by the end of 2018. Ambitious, yes - but we think that we can achieve this together.

We know that for most departmental web editors, updating the website only a part your job and that you are extremely busy. So to make things easier and quicker, all schools will be assigned a central content editor who will help set up your new site.

To make things manageable for everyone, we’ve split the migrations into two groups:

Group 1

We’ll be working on these between April and mid-August 2018:

  • SSPSSR (inc. sub-units)
  • KLS
  • SECL
  • Psychology
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Arts
  • SPS
  • Biosciences
  • English
  • Economics
  • SAC & DICE
  • History
  • EDA
  • CMAT
  • KentHealth

Group 2

We’ll be working on these between mid-September and December 2018:

  • CEWL
  • Journalism
  • CPP
  • American Studies
  • Computing

Content workshops

We’ve already kicked off by running some content workshops for Group 1 schools.

In the workshops, we take you step-by-step through the new school site design and go over the types of content (text, images and rich media) that you’ll need to gather for your sites.

After Easter, Group 1 schools will start working more closely with their content editor in one-to-one meetings and receive training on Site Editor.

We’ll repeat the same process for group 2 a little later in the year.

Where will my content live?

By now, you’ll know our aim is to have a user-focussed website that is clean, simple, uncluttered and easy to maintain.

And you’ll know that for school sites, this means keeping your sites lightweight and focussed on your external audiences (mainly prospects). This means you need to re-home some of your content.

Getting a head start on moving content will help your migration go smoothly. So we’ve put together this diagram to help you figure out where content needs to go:

Diagram showing the different areas that school site content may be migrated to

Who can help me move my content?

We’ll be giving you guidance and support in moving your content throughout the project. But here are some good-to-know specifics:

Content aimed at staff – If your school has this content, you’ll need to move this onto SharePoint. Please contact Isobel Ellinor on who will be able to help.

Research content (projects, groups, centres) – IS Web Solutions will support you in migrating this content to research.kent. Contact

Scholarships – to start moving your scholarships to the central scholarships finder, please email IT helpdesk in the first instance. The EMS Scholarships Unit can offer friendly advice (but only as fellow users of the system).

Student profiles (written) – these will need to live in the Programmes Plant in the standard format. Contact

Moodle – we’ll be providing more guidance soon!

Events – All events will need to live to the Events Factory. Please email IT helpdesk if you need access.

Any questions?

If you have any general queries about the school migration please contact the Angela Watson, Project Manager in the first instance –