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Content guides

Website design and user experience principles.

How to focus your web content on what people actually want.

Focus on top tasks, cut down text and make your content scannable.

Format and style for creating staff profiles.

Summarising research interests for the staff profile page.

The basics you will need to follow.

Our conventions for things like web address, title, date, time etc.

Learn how people interact with your site.

Good featured content tells stories that people can connect with.

Optimise your results with good content, titles and descriptions.

Images and media

Using images to tell a story that our users can connect with.

Options for finding images.

A guide to all our images formats, from thumbnails to features.

Image technicalities and sizes for feature panels.

See how images look in the different feature panels.

Experimental tool to help crop images for feature panels.

How to take a headshot image for your staff profile page.

Tips and standards for effective video content.

Using Site Editor

We'll be adding further support videos on how to use Site Editor.
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Introduction and user types (3:07)

Site Editor basics (4:11)

Creating a staff profile (5:47)